Ecstatic Dance and Mantra with Antarma & Estella

Saturday 18th April 7 - 10.00pm 

The New Bradwell Community Centre, Milton Keynes, MK13 0DA


£18 (early bird ends 22/03/2020)
£22 standard

We are blessed to have Antarma back in Milton Keynes spreading his vibrations of mantra with his incredible and unique style of Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe drumming! 

Along side Estella who spreads her philosophy of life to live a life of freedom from the mind and to navigate life through the vibration of the body that acts as a channel to receive peace and love, which gets advocated in community events and collaborations. 

This event is to come together as a community and unity to raise our vibrations through mantra and dance which gets directed to mother earth and to our brothers and sisters so healing happens as a collective, we are not alone in this world, we are one.

To celebrate life together is a gift of humanity, the body is an incredible instrument and through intention, mantra and dance we tune back into our own true nature, when we do this as a community, this has profound effects on the mind, body and spirit.

There really is no greater feeling!

Saturday 18 April 2020 7-10pm
@ The new Bradwell community Centre, only 5 minutes walk from Wolverton Train Station.

£22 a ticket - £4 of your ticket money goes towards the YogaBuddy Community project, helping people in the community through homeless and drug and alcohol centres come and be a part of these events and be a part of the community.

A limited amount of concessions are available for the unemployed on request. Please, I ask that you really consider you are allegeable. Please email

The YogaBuddy community project aim to pay artists fairly, artists and teachers are often people that have given up their old life to spread a message through their music and their teachings, often spending years of dedication to this life which is now their only form of income. When you purchase a ticket, you're supporting them and your community.

I believe this is where our mindset can change into how we can support the economy, by spending money on local artists and local businesses and events, this is where our community really grows. I feel passionately about into how we can save local businesses and support those who need our help in the community, this is a sustainable model as giving back is how the money/energy circulates, no one loses out and we all gain.

Ecstatic dance ~

"Since ecstatic dance is a form of movement, it gets the endorphins flowing. And it’s common to experience a bit of a high during an ecstatic dance ceremony (similar to a runner’s high), experts say, especially since the movement is so fast and free-flowing.

Another benefit of ecstatic dance is the community aspect. Patton says people often make friends at ecstatic dance ceremonies—especially if they attend them regularly—and studies show that feeling a strong sense of community is beneficial to happiness" ~

If you have been to one of Antarma's events then you will know what the energy is of this dance can do for you and you will most likely be hooked and open to experiencing this time and time again. If you have never experienced this then I urge you to try it, you will not regret it!

Mantra ~

There is no one way to describe mantra as it can depend on the deliverance, Antarma will often use sacred Sankrit Chants and mantras to evoke an awakened and higher state of consciousness.

"mantra is sometimes repeated as an aid to meditation or prayer.
a word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a particular strong belief" ~ Dictionary.cambridge

The event will open at 7pm, giving you an opportunity to buy a cup of ceremonial cacao (always ethically sourced, helping communities). A small

Refund policy - refund will be given up to 7 days prior to the event. After this no refund can be given. 

About your Workshop Hosts - 

Antarma -

Antarma’s workshops and music are inspired by life’s ups and downs.Through Mantra, Meditation, Music and Group Chanting Of Empowering Affirmations, he creates an atmosphere full of Joyful Togetherness, uplifting everyone who accepts the invitation to choose Inner Peace in each moment, no matter how challenging the circumstances. 

With the blessing of his Guru In South India, Antarma shares Mantra and Meditation, Heart opening songs on guitar, and Ecstatic Dance sessions with Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hiphop.

Antarma has been on the path of Meditation for 18 years, learning with Masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brasilian Sacred Traditions. 

Estella -

Estella is the co-founder of YogaBuddy Hub and event organiser and creator of Wild Cow Conscious Dance. Both of these projects aim to bring people together in community from dance events, festivals, workshops and retreats all over the world. She has a strong vision to bring people together in community to create a mass collective of higher consciousness. 

Estella has been working with the concept of the human body & mind for 20 years, from a spiritual and scientific approach and from both a logical and creative perspective. Estella has a diverse background and has trained as a nutritionist, personal trainer, fitness class instructor, yoga teacher, including yoga & mindfulness for addiction, ancestral healer and shamanic healing, she has travelled in many parts of the world learning from many different cultures which has taught her we are all different, there is no one way to move the body, other than to listen and be in tune with your own natural rhythm. (website coming soon)


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