Escapism (My first blog!)

Escapism (My first blog!)

So as I sit here munching away on Roses chocolates and drinking coffee , in a weird kinda absurd way to escape writing a blog, or a distraction on having to sit still with my own thoughts , to then make them public , the utter discomfort in revealing my truth just makes every fibre of my body and mind want to escape, so right now coffee and chocolate seem to have made that possible, even though i now feel sick and Im only on my first paragraph!

Which brings me to to the subject of escapism, we all do it in one way or another, whether its used in the form of coffee, smoking, sugar, sex, drugs, love, the gym, any kind of distraction that defines us, that allows us to have some identity, that  has an offering to a connection of some sort. Then here is the crazy bit, we then spend one half of our lives trying to "escape" the addiction , the paradox of what we were doing in the first place, still looking for a connection so we don't have to rely on the addictions!

Which then brings me to the next subject of balance, we all want it in one way or another, a feeling of contentment in the choices we make, you see I was aware that i just stuffed my face with chocolates and that it was a form of escapism but I am not going to suffer or be the victim of the ever criticising voices in my head, or even the constant judgement and opinion of others, the media, the tv, books etc when the reality of that is, they were written by another human being who change and evolve daily. So it has to sit right with me, the choices I make are made in honour of how I see the world and I have realised this, it provides me with great freedom and as a result of giving myself the permission to be imperfectly me it allows others to be imperfectly them without having to justify who they are, or how they feel.

So I would just like to say thank you for reading my first blog, may I continue to do whatever it takes to provide balance in my life. Namaste!



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