Full Moon Ancestral Healing Eco-Retreat

Full Moon Ancestral Healing Eco-Retreat 

3rd - 9th May 2020 - Portugal 

Join us deep in the mountains of Portugal at Merkaba Community for this grounding 7-day retreat deepening the connection to yourself, your ancestors and Mother Earth. 


Ancestral Healing Ceremony
Full Moon Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony
Ecstatic Dance
Cacao Ceremony
Daily Yoga & Meditation
Organic, Healing, Plant-based Food
Comfortable Accommodation with Shared Bathroom (various options available)
Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage (optional)


Ancestral lineage healing is a spiritually-grounded, ritual process that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.

Many of us are lost, disconnected and hungry for a sense of belonging after generations of displacement, oppression, colonialism and the rippling, ongoing consequences of cultural wounding. We carry these burdens within our families and our bodies - but we carry the blessings, as well. The lineage repair process opens a pathway to your roots to fuel the transformation of inherited burdens and the full embodiment of your gifts

This approach is an effective, securely held form of ritual work, which assists you to directly access the supportive guidance of your own ancestors of blood. The process is experiential and combines ritual, guided ceremonies with offering practices & guided journeying work. There are no prerequisites, however, prior experience with inner work and relation with spirit guides are both helpful. Please bring an item such as a photo that represents your father or mother's ancestral line. If you do not have any item directly related to them, then it is fine to use anything you resonate with like a crystal or any other item that brings you a sense of comfort


Psilocybin mushrooms are a powerful plant medicine that will be combined with the high energy of the full moon during a sacred ceremony to connect us deeper to our ancestors and clear any blockages from the heart chakra. The experience of taking mushrooms with appropriate dosage, intention and setting are often profound and transformational. A wide range of physical and mental issues/imbalances can be traced back to trauma, unhealthy patterns of behaviour, stress and struggling with identity. Mushrooms are an incredibly powerful healing tool to facilitate experiences of bliss, higher understanding and interconnection with the universe, and in doing so, treat physical and mental issues/imbalances right at their source. You will be fully supported in a safe and comfortable environment with experienced facilitators and Mother Nature guiding us along the way.


Dance as meditation is as ancient as man himself, and free-form sacred dance is present in many cultures and religions. Ecstatic dance is medicine for the soul; a personal, transformational, healing journey which unfolds differently every time. The power of it lies in the fact that there are no expectations and no 'rules'. 

With Ecstatic Dance, we believe that dancing freely is an act of courage. It's about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body and connecting with yourself and others in a safe and healthy space. Ecstatic dance empowers people of all backgrounds to express themselves freely without inhibition. 


Cacao is a sacred, heart-opening medicine that has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by tribes in South & Central America. The ceremonial grade cacao that we use in our retreats is unprocessed and alive in spirit, with a soft feminine energy and powerful healing effects. On a physical level, cacao can help us form new pathways in our brain to release serotonin & dopamine, bringing feelings of joy and bliss; it's also full of beneficial minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc & iron which nourish our bodies. On an energetic level, cacao helps to open the heart and release blocked emotions & stagnant energy. 


There are many definitions of what Yoga is as it has evolved in the West, however the ancient Indian traditional practice gives meaning to the Sanskrit word Yoga which is to Yoke or bind the union of mind, body, breath; the breath being the spirit and energy (Prana) that makes up who we are as a whole. On the retreat we will use 4 different forms that influence and inspire our practice from Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini & Restorative. Ultimately, yoga and meditation are about self-realisation and getting you connected with the internal self as well as calming the nervous system.


We believe that diet is the cornerstone to health. The kitchen has always been a fundamental part of Merkaba Community – bringing people together to connect over healing food. During the retreat you will be served organic, seasonal and plant-based food – highly nutritious, mood-balancing and easy to digest. Trusted chefs known for their creativity and passion will create high vibration food to support you on your journey of deep healing and release. 


Rachael will be offering intuitive deep tissue massage throughout the retreat at an additional cost. She utilises a combination of Eastern and Western techniques to create space within the body for energy to flow more freely and support the release of blockages, tension and trauma. Rachael uses crystals and a range of carefully selected essential oils in her treatments to open the senses and deepen the healing. 

Price: 1 hour = €45 / 1.5 hour = €65 (recommended) 


Merkaba is an off-grid eco-community and retreat centre situated in the beautiful mountains of Northern Portugal, surrounded by untouched nature with breathtaking views. Their vision is to pave the path for a sustainable future and live in harmony with Mother Nature and each other; and in doing so raise the vibration of humanity. 



Estella is the co-founder of YogaBuddy Hub and event organiser and creator of Wild Cow Conscious Dance. Both of these projects aim to bring people together in community from dance events, festivals, workshops and retreats all over the world. She has a strong vision to bring people together in community to create a mass collective of higher consciousness. 

Estella has been working with the concept of the human body and mind for 20 years, from a spiritual and scientific approach and from both a logical and creative perspective. Estella has a diverse background and has trained as a nutritionist, personal trainer, fitness class instructor, yoga teacher, including yoga & mindfulness for addiction, ancestral healer and shamanic healing; she has travelled in many parts of the world learning from many different cultures which has taught her we are all different, there is no one way to move the body or heal, other than to listen and learn how to tune into self.

Estella (Also known as Estella energy worker) offers 1:1 ancestral healing or energy healing sessions as well as running regular ancestral healing workshops.


Rachael is exploring a new paradigm for living after growing increasingly resistant to the stresses of the modern corporate world. Rachael has been practicing yoga for 8 years, various forms of dance for 20 years (samba, salsa, hip hop, contemporary, Indian, African, shakti fusion & ecstatic) and exploring the world of tantra for 4 years. She is dedicated to exploring her 'Self' and reconnecting to the Divine Feminine within all of us. She has delved deep into the areas of holistic health and nutrition, ecstatic dance, sound healing, breathwork and feminine empowerment. Rachael is trained in deep tissue massage and Siddha Kundalini Energy Healing, providing healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. 

Rachael has been a resident of Merkaba Community for almost 3 years (on & off whilst also travelling during the Winters) living off-grid, deep in nature, connecting with people from all over the world and embracing community life in the mountains. She has assisted with and co-hosted various healing events and retreats. She is passionate about living in harmony with Mother Earth and inspiring others on their journey towards inner healing, self-expression and freedom; empowering them to live in alignment with their highest purpose and heal from the symptoms of modern Western society. 


Merkaba Community offers a range of accommodation and the pricing reflects that. Prices include all workshops & ceremonies listed, accommodation and food (3 meals per day). Prices do not include travel or transfers.

Prices are in Euros per person. Please make any necessary currency conversion calculations based on XE currency converter.

Geodome 1 

This dome will be a hub of activity during the retreat – downstairs is the kitchen, chillout and workshop space; upstairs is the accommodation. There is a bathroom just outside with a toilet and cold/warm shower.

Double room (single occupancy) - €888
Double room (double occupancy) - €777

Geodome 2 

This dome is solely used for accommodation – downstairs is a lounge area, indoor bathroom with hot shower and the twin rooms; upstairs is the double rooms.

Twin room (single bed) - €777

Double room (single occupancy) - €999
Double room (double occupancy) - €888


Teepee style tent with single mattress & full bedding - €555


To secure your space on the retreat a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total booking cost is required - payable via PayPal or bank transfer.

We will begin with an Opening Ceremony at 4pm on 3rd May.

We will end with a Closing Ceremony at 2pm on 9th May.

Total travel time from Lisbon or Porto airport to Merkaba is approx 4-5 hours.

Please ensure your flights and travel arrangements provide enough time for you to attend both the opening and closing ceremony. You have the option to arrive at Merkaba Community on the 2nd and/or leave on the 10th for an additional cost of €37 per night (including 3 meals per day).

Flights from the UK to Lisbon are currently between £60-£80 return (Nov 19).

UK residents: request booking & payment details from Estella: estella@yogabuddyhub.co.uk

EU residents: request booking & payment details from Rachael: merkabacommunity33@gmail.com

Please specify which type of accommodation you would like to book.

INSTA: estella_star / rach_maurer / merkabacommunity
YOUTUBE: merkabacommunity / WEB: www.merkabacommunity.com


Full payment is due 8 weeks prior to the retreat start date. If you are booking within this timeframe then full payment will be required to secure your space. Your deposit is non-refundable as this covers the time and effort to book you onto the retreat and potentially find a new participant - you may however wish to offer your place to a friend and all we require is the name and details of the new guest. Please note that you are responsible for advertising this and receiving the money from whoever you pass your place onto. If you cancel your place before the 8 weeks prior, you will only lose your deposit. 

Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance at the time of booking, then in the unlikely event that you cannot make it (e.g. you fall ill or there is an emergency) you will be covered for any losses incurred. The retreat hosts cannot be responsible for illnesses or any other emergencies. Retreat hosts are also not responsible for any natural disasters that are out of our control, again this will need to be claimed on your insurance. 

In the unlikely event there is an emergency with the retreat hosts and they cannot run the retreat, either a new date will be offered or a full refund will be given. 

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