Natural Dye, Plant & Ancestral connection workshop

Saturday 1st March 2020 2 - 6pm 

Join Estella & Ciara for a special & unique workshop of natural dyeing and ancestral healing on Sunday 1st March 2020 from 2-6pm at the MyElaingel Cafe 135 Queensway Bletchley.

The workshop will begin with an exploration into the medicinal and spiritual benefits of a range of plants. Each participant will be guided through an intentional dyeing session where we use plants to infuse a piece of cloth to be worn or slept on. Many of these plants are dyes in nature so as we bundle our cloth with the leaves, roots, flowers and barks we infuse it not only with plant medicine but also with colour. We will explore intention setting and how we can manifest what we need through mindfulness and crafting rituals.

Throughout this process we will start to connect to different plants/herbs that will likely have ancestral connection, this will be weaved into your intention into what you would like to focus on down your blood line. It will be a very empowering process as we work in a ceremony, using the cacao plant to connect to our hearts, which directly link us into honouring the ancestral roots.

Mats and cushions will be provided. Please bring an item to represent your family line for the altar. An offering of a flower, fruit or crystal is a suggestion if you do not have any direct items from your family line.

Please also bring either a pillow case or a small white cotton garment to dye. Underwear is especially healing due to its close contact with the skin.


Workshop cost £40

Instalments accepted with a non-refundable deposit of £10.

Payment to be made through Paypal or bank transfer.

Please email for bank details.

Ciara Callaghan is a self-taught artist making fiber art and carrying out explorations into creative, community experience. Her work is realized using needle work, natural dyes and fiber manipulation and often explores themes around female wisdom, folklore and ancient craft.

Estella Ramos has been working with the idea of ancestral healing for a few years now, recognising that a huge part to our healing lies with what we inherit down our family line. In the last year Estella has been initiated into ancestral healing and now offers one to one healing, workshops and retreats. This has been proven to have a powerful and empowering effect on those who have worked with her.

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